Blocksquare is an award-winning company lead by three co-founders with over 40 years of combined experience in tech, product, biz, legal and sales, developing the world’s leading blockchain-based real estate tokenization system.

Businesses of all types — from startups to large enterprises — can use Blocksquare’s solutions and APIs to digitize value of real estate properties, launch their investment platforms and connect people to tokenized real estate deals online.


Tokenization is changing how we invest in real estate. Taking us from a world where a property is transected once a decade, to a new reality where hundreds of transactions of that same real estate asset are executed within the minute!

Real estate is the biggest asset class in the world. At the same time it’s also one of the most illiquid investments you can make. As a result, investors engage only in the top markets, leaving 100s of smaller markets suffering from illiquidity.

Tokenization offers the ability to match available market demand by reaching investors of any size. A solution that can increase liquidity for a wider selection of players in the commercial real estate investment space.


Blocksquare's vision is to power 1000s of marketplaces across the globe, connecting investors to real estate opportunities in their region.

With our real estate tokenization protocol entrepreneurs can start digitising real estate assets at a fraction of the cost, while our white-label platform offers the quickest way to launch an investment marketplace. With 2022, Blocksquare also officially enters the DeFi market with — a bridge enabling real estate owners to gain exposure to decentralized financial markets via tokenization.

Blocksquare offers three main products:

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