Active partners

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and facilitating seamless communication channels, we have created an ecosystem where each partnership not only adds value to the network but also multiplies opportunities for growth and innovation. This exponential expansion is driven by a shared vision and collective efforts, ensuring that Blocksquare remains at the forefront of technological advancements while empowering our partners to thrive.

One single account, infinite possibilities

At Blocksquare, we've implemented a universal account system that empowers end-users with seamless access across our global platform ecosystem. With a single account, users can effortlessly explore and transact on various marketplaces around the globe.

By giving users the autonomy to choose whether to share information with 3rd party vendors, we ensure privacy and trust, while still enabling a streamlined and personalized experience across the platform ecosystem.

End-users have full control over the sharing of their data with marketplace operators, including:

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) data

  • Personal details

  • Registered wallet details

  • Bank account information

Eager to try how it works? Visit one of the active marketplaces powered by Blocksquare and simply login using the same credentials of the marketplace you already registered for.


You have registered an account on with and password Mypassword123

You want to login to check a new marketplace (i.e. Project 79)? No problem!

Simply visit the marketplace from the list below and sign-in with and password Mypassword123

Please note above credential are for example purposes only. To access your account on other marketplaces, please use your own credentials.


List of certified partners

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