Marketplaces platform

Launching your own branded tokenized marketplace where investors can log-on, browse through opportunities and execute investments is hard work. Not to mention the time and money required to create a fully functional blockchain product.

Offer and distribute

Blocksuqare's platform is designed to power 100s of platforms across the globe, offering investors a seamless experience so anyone can start connecting investors to real estate investment deals in your region. An out-of-the-box solution for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business online. From invite only investment clubs to nation-wide investment portals — we got you covered.

  • Your branding, colors and language

  • List your tokenized real estate deals

  • Compatible with any stablecoin

Monitor and report

Offer your investors to buy or sell real estate tokens online, while you can easily distribute revenues to 1000s of token holders. Blockchain technology enhances transaction transparency and enables investors to trade peer-to-peer without middleman.

  • Upload and share investor reports

  • Peer-to-peer secondary market

  • Distribute revenues with ease

Tender and buyback

Buybacks are an essential part of a tokenized real estate property's lifecycle. Buying tokens back from investors can be designed in various ways and is mainly required when the property is being sold to a 3rd party buyer. Blocksquare offers a smart contract tender to buyback tokens from the market.

  • Market your buyback to token holders

  • Pre-negotiate your offer to investors

  • Manage the buyback process


Blocksquare’s platform provides our clients with a white-label solution to create, list, issue, sell, distribute, manage, track and trade properties tokenized through Blocksquare's protocol. The platform built on top of our API is packed with features required to launch a full size investment marketplace.

  • List your current, past and future tokenized properties.

  • Easily onboard your investors with KYC automation.

  • User's can add bank accounts to make EUR investments.

  • Investor can create custom token portfolios.

  • Buy or sell real estate tokens peer-to-peer.

  • Distribute revenue payouts to 1000s of token investors.

  • Display all relevant information for each property.

  • Transaction history verifiable on a public blockchain.

  • Compatible with selected "self-custodian" wallets.

  • Register up to 10 digital wallets per account.

  • Organize and execute initial real estate token offerings.

  • Sell tokens to investors on your platform.

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