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Software license

Life-time access to the tokenization protocol
Access and use of Blocksquare’s real estate tokenization infrastructure is possible through the acquisition of a lifetime software license that grants registration of the Client within the smart contract system.

Option 1: One-time payment

Option 2: Monthly plans

To accommodate businesses at any growth stage, we also offer monthly plans to acquire the software license throughout multiple instalments. All our monthly plans are composed of a license instalment surcharged by a subscription fee.
Subscription fees are charged only until your license is paid in full.
3.44 years
2.29 years
1.14 years
Subscription fee
$710 / month
$510 / month
$310 / month
License fee
$990 / month
$1,490 / month
$2,990 / month
42 months
28 months
14 months
Total cost