Can you provide references from other clients who have used your platform?

We work with numerous companies across the world to help them achieve their goals of opening up a marketplace and offering tokenized real estate deals to their investor base.

Our list of clients is ever expanding, but some of the companies we have worked with include Bricktrade (UK), Bravo (Brazil), HeroX (AU), Arms & McGregor (UAE), Tokeniza (Spain), Terramint (USA), Lumifund (Netherlands), MLT (Poland), T-Blocks (UK)...

What is your pricing model and what does it include?

Access and use of our real estate tokenization infrastructure is possible through the purchase of a on-time software license.

To accommodate businesses at any growth stage, we also offer monthly plans to acquire the software license throughout multiple instalments.

Once access to the protocol and platform is granted, costs of operating a marketplace are based on usage.

Please refer to the Pricing section to see our latest fee schedules.

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