Payments & invoicing

What payment methods does Blocksquare accept for invoicing?

Blocksquare accommodates payment methods agreed upon in the "Services offer" during the signing of the agreement. All payments are handled electronically to ensure swift and efficient transactions.

What are the standard terms and conditions on a Blocksquare invoice?

Blocksquare's standard terms and conditions for invoices are set in accordance with the agreement signed by the Partner, mainly governed by the "Services offer". According to these terms, the payment obligations are non-cancelable and any fees paid are non-refundable. The quantities purchased cannot be decreased during the relevant period.

How do I understand the charges on my Blocksquare invoice?

The charges on your Blocksquare invoice are based on the "Services offer" agreed upon at the time of signing the agreement. The invoice will reflect the agreed fees for products and services purchased, not the actual usage. Each charge will be explicitly mentioned for transparency and easy understanding.

What should I do if I find a mistake on my Blocksquare invoice?

If you find a mistake on your Blocksquare invoice, please contact us directly via the communication method provided in the agreement. We aim to resolve any discrepancies swiftly and efficiently to ensure your satisfaction and maintain the integrity of our invoicing process.

Can I receive my Blocksquare invoices electronically?

Yes, Blocksquare sends all invoices electronically. After signing the agreement, you will receive the first proforma invoice via email within five business days. Subsequently, Blocksquare will send an invoice for the previous month, no later than the tenth business day of the following month. This method provides a convenient, quick, and environmentally friendly way to manage your invoices.

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